Punjabiyat A Farm Resort in Gurdaspur, is a superb hotel. In Gurdaspur, Punjabiyat A Farm Resort offers online booking and comfortable living. Contact Punjabiyat A Farm Resort in Gurdaspur for tariffs.

Welcome to Punjabiyat A Farm Resort , Gurdaspur , India

Punjabiyat A Farm Resort

Punjabiyat, pronounced punjab-i-yat, meaning 'being Punjabi', 'essence of Punjab', 'quintessential Punjabi', is meant to be an expression of the jest and effervescence of the Punjabi culture and its large heartedness.

Set amidst vast blooming green fields, crisscrossed by long canals, Punjabiyat resort is located about an hour's drive from Amritsar, well connected by road and rail. But by the time you reach the farm you would think you were a million miles away in splendid isolation, out of sight of any roads or houses. Lush green fields as far as eyes can see, glittering in the sun and merging into the distant horizon.


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